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What is the legal drinking age where you live? Do you think it should be higher, lower, or remain the same, and why?

Where I live, the legal drinking age is 19. And it's pretty good. Kids graduate high school at 18, and this gets them out of high school without causing too many problems that can come with being the legal drinking age. This doesn't mean high school kids don't drink. They do, they did, and they will. 

The biggest city within driving distance from my city is 6 hours, which takes you out of province, and into the province where the legal drinking age is 18. So of course, high school seniors take that trip for their 18th birthday. 

I think 19 is a pretty good age. And I think 21 is too high. By the time kids are 21, they are almost out of college and they still cannot drink legally? That just isn't safe. You hear stories about American students, be high school seniors, or college kids on Mexican trips drinking, and getting in trouble. I feel like that is because at their age, they do not know how to handle drinking alcohol legally, so they go all out. 

If they could learn to drink legally at home, where they know their surroundings, and are surrounded by family and are more safe, then when they do go on those trips, they know their limit. What they can handle, when they know they have had too much, and how to safely get home. By 19, a lot of teens have already drank legally at 18, and with their family. Also, drinking at 17 isn't as frowned upon, considering that 6 hours over, you are only a year under the legal age.  Drinking at 17 in the United States, puts you at 4 years under, which is the same as being 14/15. Way to young to be drinking.

But now I am babbling and repeating myself.  

Keep it at 18/19 here in Canada, and lower it in the states. But perhaps gradually. 
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What is the legal drinking age where you live? Do you think it should be higher, lower, or remain the same, and why?

I have had this account since 2006. It is now 2010. I figured now was the time to make my first post. For no other reason then the fact that I have been awake for 18 hours. 


i work re-tail. Like pretty much everyone else, I hate my job. But  my discount is awesome, and the people are awesome (those who are left. A lot of people are quitting because the job sucks). So I stick around.

I am a kinda-university student. I went for my first year, and took four classes. Took a year off, went back, took two classes, and took a semester off because I hated by full term class, and it was too late to get into any interesting classes. And now I am back at it again with one class.

I am thinking about culinary school in New York. Which is $44,000 for a year. My "three" years of tuition at university? Not even close. I think my three years has come to...12,000? But I could be way off. 

I wrote fanfiction way back when I was 15. I may try again, but probably won't...I'll see what the new seasons of tv brings to my brain. 
Annnnd thats it. 
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